Online Resources

Child Mental Health (MedlinePlus)
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Resources available in various languages (Department of Health and Human Services)
Drugs and Young People (MedlinePlus)
Drugs, Herbs, and Supplements (MedlinePlus)
Exercise your brain and test your knowledge of drugs and how they affect the brain and body. (National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens)
Health Check Tools (MedlinePlus)
Health in Aging
Mental Health and Behavior (MedlinePlus)
Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services
Opioid and addiction information (MedlinePlus)
Recovering from Addiction Resource Guide (CEFLS)
Substance Abuse Prevention and Recovery of Clinton County
Substance Abuse Problems (MedlinePlus)
Teen Mental Health (MedlinePlus)
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